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Everyone knows you need online business ideas today in order to run a successful business. The internet has changed the face of the way we do business forever.

The rules have changed, and if you don’t have a strong online presence for your business, you’re being left out of today’s marketing game. Perhaps the most important asset you have in your business today is your email list.

If you don’t have one, you need to start building one today.

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Online Business Ideas for Email

Online Business Ideas For EmailThe days of cold calling prospects are all but gone now. Today, the money is in your email list. With so much online competition, it’s crucial for businesses to develop personal relationships with their customers.

This can be accomplished by making sure your online business ideas include providing quality content and programs to your customers via email. Over time, they will get to know your name and brand through your emails.

Therefore, you need to ensure what you’re sending them is of high quality and extremely useful to them.

Thinking about starting your list when you’re brand new to internet marketing may seem a little strange. After all, why would someone want to sign up to receive information from someone who’s just starting out? The thing is, they don’t know that.

And, just because you’re new doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know what you’re talking about. In order to truly take advantage of an email list, you’ll need to use a third party service as part of your online business ideas.

Outsourcing Benefits

There are several reasons for outsourcing your email list to a third party to maintain and store your contacts. Using a company such as TrafficWave will give you the flexibility to automate your subscribe messages as well as your follow up emails.

There are many other companies which manage email lists, I just prefer to use TrafficWave. You’ll have full control over everything related to your list. This includes everything from setting up new email campaigns to analyzing reports once they’ve completed.

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Another good reason you need to start your list sooner rather than later is to ensure your contacts are all on the same list. If you start by managing your subscribers locally and then decide to move to TrafficWave, in order to import your local contacts, they will have to opt in again.

Studies have shown that less than 40% of subscribers will opt in again. If your online business ideas include losing over 60% of your subscriber list, you need to reevaluate the way you’re doing business. :)

online business ideasYou’ll also be able to take advantage of all the tools that companies like TrafficWave provide. You can create customized opt in forms that you can use on your websites to get subscribers. You can add personal traits, such as first and last names, to your emails automatically.

Possibly the biggest benefit in outsourcing your email list is you will never have to worry about spamming your customers. All spamming laws are handled by the third party so you won’t have to worry about being sued.

Adding New Prospects to Your List

If you’re launching a new brand or website, one of your first online business ideas should be to start building an email list. Adding a squeeze page to your website is one tactic for building your contact list. Another good way is to add a signup form on every page of your website.

This will provide your visitors an easy way to enter their email address. To encourage more people to sign up, think about offering something to them like a free eBook or an entry into a giveaway contest. These are good ways to grow your email list quickly.

Online Business Ideas for EmailAll of your online business ideas need to be researched to ensure they will work for your business. Not all ideas are a good fit for every business. If you have a mentor or someone you trust to bounce ideas off of, this is your best place to start.

There are some internet marketing professionals who offer mentoring or coaching programs. Most of them do charge you for their knowledge and guidance, but it may be the best money you will ever spend on your business.

By building a rapport with your customers through an email list, you are opening up a door to massive potential profits. By getting to know your customers, they’ll be much more likely to purchase products from you.

Don’t abuse this by sending unnecessary junk to clutter up their inboxes. You can lose customers a lot faster than you can add them back. Start losing your list, and your business may be in jeopardy.

Successful businesses rely on loyal customers. Building relationships are extremely important. The tips above will help you build your email list and connect with your clientele.

By implementing these online business ideas into your marketing strategy, you’ll see both your customer list and profits start to grow!

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NOTE: If you're looking for a legitimate way to make money online and want to learn how to build a successful internet business, then I STRONGLY recommend you click here to discover where education meets opportunity!

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